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In June 2022, the government announced it intended to reduce the number of flight movements (take-offs and landings) at Schiphol Airport from 500,000 to 440,000 per year by November 2024. 

In September 2023, following the collapse of the fourth Rutte Cabinet, Transport Minister Mark Harbers forced through measures to reduce flights to 460,000 from summer 2024.

This decision has been universally criticised by airlines, trade unions, business groups, and aviation experts. Limiting the number of flights at Schiphol fails to address the underlying demand for travel. These flights will likely be diverted to other hub airports, such as Heathrow or Charles De Gaulle and do nothing to reduce overall emissions. 

The Cabinet wants to reduce the flight movements at Schiphol from 500,000 per year to 440,


The Red Schiphol Campaign argues against the reduction of flights at Schiphol Airport and in favour of jobs, economic stability and affordable travel. 

Aviation undeniably has a role to play in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. However, this can be achieved without hampering the Netherlands' economy or stopping ordinary Dutch people from travelling.

Ahead of November's elections, we call on political parties to prioritise jobs, businesses, and the right for hard-working families to afford holidays. We demand common-sense solutions, rather than headline-grabbing publicity stunts. We urge ordinary citizens to join our campaign and show our politicians that the Dutch people care about their airport. 


Who is funding the Red Schiphol Campaign?

The Red Schiphol campaign is supported by those concerned about the economic impact of the decision to reduce flight movements at Schiphol. However, given the aggressive response by certain environmental activist groups, supporters prefer to keep their identities anonymous for the time being.  


In time, we hope to showcase some of the individuals and businesses who are supporting this campaign. 


We also encourage concerned citizens and businesses to join the campaign by contacting or signing our petition.

Why is a community movement led by a professional campaign consultancy?

It is common practice for businesses and community groups looking to effect change to hire PR consultants. 


Can I get involved and do I have to pay?

There are lots of ways to get involved in the Red Schiphol campaign. The easiest way is to sign our petition calling on the government to reverse the 440 decision. 


Alternatively, you can contact the campaign manager at . There are lots of voluntary roles available on the campaign and we would welcome any and all support.


If you are a business, industry group, or community project looking to support Red Schiphol, please contact the campaign manager. There are a variety of ways to support the campaign. 

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